Terms and conditions

“theservicelink” terms and conditions of use
The terms of use change from time to time, and if such changes are made, the site will display notifications for the user to be aware of.

The user continues to use the website based on accepting these terms and conditions of use, as they are modified from time to time for better service and higher quality.

Any violation of this agreement by the customer, subscriber, Service provider or Freelancer may expose his account to be suspended without prior notice and without any refund in some cases.

The official price for the service provider and the free lancer:
“Theservicelink” will have 2 options of payment:
1) Quarterly: which will be renewed automatically if the service provider did not cancel before, the value is 30$.
2) Yearly: which will be renewed automatically if the service provider did not cancel before, the value is 100$.

Note : the service provider will get one month trial free if he registered within the first quarter of 2020.

Protect users

  1. “Theservicelink” site management is not committing to protect the customer from a bad service, the customer can report the service provider to our customer service for investigation and do the needful by removing him from the list.
  2. In cases of account suspension due to a breach or suspicion from “theservicelink” website has the right to request personal documents, phone numbers and any information that proves the user’s identity, after which the administration has the right to return the account or continue to stop it according to the available information, knowing that the account information and the symbolic image are hidden in order to preserve the privacy of the user.
  3. By subscribing “theservicelink”, you agree to the ruling regarding the problems that occur between the customer and the service provider, “the servicelink” not responsible done to the service provider by the customer and the service wasnot satisfactory , our responsibility is to
    suspend the account of service provider until the customer agree to return his account .
  4. “theservicelink” website sometimes requests personal documents. To prove the identity of the user or verify the ownership of the payment method used to Subscribe.
  5. A registered user in “theservicelink” is obligated to be older than 18 years, and he may request five documents to prove this in case of need.
  6. In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the service and the service provider is unable to prove what he has done, the buyer must inform technical support and the site will suspend the account of the service provider.
  7. The payment agreement will be between both parties (the customer and the service provider), “theservicelink” isn’t responsible for any money issue between them.
  8. The site should not be used as a method of financial transfers (shipping via Paypal or credit card and buying a money transfer service). In such cases, the breaching orders are canceled and the
    balance is returned to the same shipping method used.
  9. Reasons for suspending the account in “theservicelink”
  10. Theservicelink.com reserves the right to permanently freeze or suspend any account. The suspension of accounts is due to unlawful or inappropriate use of the site’s services.
  11. Users may receive an alert due to a violation of the terms and conditions or any inappropriate use of the site. The alert is reached by the user on the site or via the associated e-mail, the alert does not stop the activity of the account but it may lead to the suspension of the account permanently depending on the severity of the violation.
  12. Violation of the terms of use in “theservicelink” may lead to the permanent suspension of the account.
  13. Posting any private information not available to the same user in text or pictures such as messages within the requests between the seller and the buyer, or technical support ticket messages, and this is considered a violation of the privacy of “theservicelink” and leads to the suspension of the account permanently.
  14. Register with more than one account on the site and this displays all accounts used for suspension.
  15. More than one person uses the same account, the account is in “theservicelink” is individual, and the user is obligated upon registration that he is the only one who will use it .
  16. Selling the account in “theservicelink”, and upon discovering the sale of any account it is suspended immediately with all the balance.
  17. Register the young man in the name of a girl or vice versa.
  18. Repeated more than one violation of the terms of the site of “theservicelink”, or the frequency of adding the user to his means of communication, or for violating services.
  19. Using messages prior to purchasing in a way that violates such as: spam, disturbing the seller, asking about any matter that is not related to the service being inquired, exchanging services instead of buying.
  20. Impersonating another person.
  21. Upload a personal photo of the account that is not the account holder himself. This includes the use of portraits of public figures..
  22. Registering with a different user name such as: a bad name, phone number, email, website address, names that contain the word professional or trusted, specifying the type of services as a user name such as translation, marketing, design … and any name that may cause confusion or mislead of the customer.
  23. Whoever requests the services of another user in order to evaluate it negatively.
  24. Using proxy or VPN services to change your real presence information may lead to a partial or
    complete suspension of the account.
  25. Develop or use automated bots to control an account.
  26. Development or use of any software for platform “theservicelink” or account management.

Prohibited services:

  1. The services that violate “theservicelink” site’s conditions are deleted with sending an alert to the user with a message to his email explaining the reason for the denial of service, knowing that “theservicelink” site has the right to delete the service that he deems to be in violation of the conditions without giving a reason for that. The simple rule for providing services: providing something very clear during a specific period .
  2. Very low quality services.
  3. Political services.
  4. Selling websites, accounts, or pages on websites that block it, such as: social networks.
  5. Services that violate the laws of countries, the terms of other related websites, or the teachings of Islam.
  6. Fatwa and legal services and related services, because it is not possible to guarantee that they are provided by specialists.
  7. Dredgers for programs and books and any pirated product or service that violates intellectual property rights, and any sale that takes place that is not responsible for five fifths, and can cancel it.
  8. Subscription services, charging credits, or creating game accounts.
  9. Money transfer services such as transferring a bank account amount or transfer via Western Union and similar money transfer services, mobile credit charging services, and shipping cards.
  10. Online brokerage services
  11. Services completely copied from other people.
  12. Forex services, hierarchical and network marketing.
  13. Dream interpretation services, marriage, horoscopes, hacking and hacking education.
  14. Juggling services or deciphering the magic of everything and everything related to it.
  15. Spam messages: such as sending thousands or millions of mail, or sending spam software, and sending mass e-mail …