Service 1 : the Customer

Here the customer can look for any service he required and find the service providers .
“theservicelink” will provide a list of service providers in your country in order to facilitate
your search.

Service 2 : the Service Provider

Here the service providers can list their services by paying the registration fee .
“theservicelink” will help the service providers to appear in the search when the customer
looking for a service.

Service 3 : Advertisement

Here the service providers can post their services by subscribing on the advertisement
showing on the home page.

What is “theservicelink” for?

“theservicelink” is for the customer to facilitate his search for a service and for the service providers to show their services for a wide number of people.

What is “theservicelink” for?

“theservicelink” is a world wide website , anyone in the world can enter and register as customer of as service provider.