In “TheServiceLink”, the Service Provider can list their services against a small fee and they can easily get customers globally. “TheServiceLink” is a global online marketplace offering services online and offline, hence its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers and service providers who use “TheServiceLink” to offer services to customers on a global scale. The follow is list a few glossary terms used by “TheServiceLink” can explain how it works:

Services: A service offered on TheServiceLink’s website. For example, a service can be ‘gens salon ‘or ‘plumber’

Service Provider:  A registered user who offer services on “TheServiceLink”.

Customer: A registered user who is able to search for services on “TheServiceLink”. The Customer is the person hiring the service provider or the freelancer to do the work.

Post a Request: The option for a registered customer to submit a request for services. For example, a customer can post a request for a video script by writing “Create a video script”.


A service offered on “TheServiceLink” by the Service Provider, and bought by the customer. Before you are able to buy or sell anything you must first sign up.

Signing Up
Signing up to “TheServiceLink” is totally free, after successfully signing up, and confirming your account with a registration link that will be sent to your email, it’s off to the races!

The customer Are able to browse the homepage and category pages, or use the search to find a service they required. It is important as the customer to read through the description of the services offered and if available the service provider’s work samples, also important to check the reviews and the rate of each particular service provider to get the better service from the right person. When a buyer is ready to get the service, it is time to proceed to checkout. There are several ways to pay directly to the service provider as you agreed with him; the website admin will not interfere with any payment done. After completion of the service the customer is requested to write his review and rate the service provider in order to help other customers choosing the right service providers.

Service Providers & Freelancers:
The customer will pay to the service providers or the Freelancers directly as per their agreement, “theservicelink” will not be in the middle. Service providers keep 100% of each service they offer and successfully complete and deliver. As you build your rating on “TheServiceLink” it is possible to start getting more and more customers.