Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last update: January 2020
This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. This section will be updated as per the questions raised by the people.

1) What is “theservicelink”?

“Theservicelink” is a hub of service providers and service seekers, the customer (service seeker) can find easily the contacts of a service provider as per his requirement.

2) Is “theservicelink” free?

Anyone above 18 years old can register for free, and can access the categories to find the service providers.

3) Is the service providers’ registration free?

The service providers should pay a registration fees as per the following options:
a) Quarterly : 30 USD per quarter
b) Yearly : 100 USD per year

4) How the service provider can make the payment?

The payment will be through PAYPAL:
a) If the service provider has a PAYPAL account then he can pay easily
b) If the service proveR doesn’t have a PAYPAL , he can pay by credit or debit card through PAYPAL.

5) The customer should pay to “theservicelink” any amount if he contacts the service provider?

No, it’s totally free to contact any service provider and hire him; the payment will be to the service provider directly.

6) Is the service provider should pay any amount to “theservicelink” after completion the service?

No, the service provider will keep 100% to himself.

7) How to contact “theservicelink”?

You can check the section contact us: by email, whatsapp, chat……….

8) Is “theservicelink” locally in UAE or globally?

“theservicelink” is globally , anyone can register as customer and as service provider in any country